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First of all, holy cow, thanks for your interest! That's cool as heck. Based on previous experiences with pricing, shipping, and frequent requests for prints or dog portraits, I've come up with the following pronouncements & policies: 

1. I don't sell prints right now. The gold in my current style makes pieces impossible to reproduce.

2. Buying: The usual process is that I post an available piece on Instagram and interested people send me a message there. I just go in order of who asks first. If you want to follow me there it's @doc_wosebagger. I realize that's not for everyone. I'll try to keep this website updated with what's available (click or hover over the image on the home page), but there usually isn't much for long. If you see something you'd like that's marked "available" here, e-mail me at

3. I don't currently take commissions. I do like to hear your ideas and occasionally take on a project that sounds fun. But please don't ask me to paint your dog. Dogs are swell, but they're just not what I paint.

4. Pricing: the stuff I've been doing is 16x20 inches. Decorative pieces, gouache on artboard. Working let's say 4 hours a day for 5 days at $20 an hour (what I make at the library, lol), that's $400. For spice, let's add $100--because who else would think this up or have the skill to execute it, or for materials, or simple greed. $500. I adjust if it was easier or harder than I expected, or if it turned out stupid. Shipping is another matter. 

5. Delivery: I won't ship art through  UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc. (Bad, embarrassing experiences, no matter how carefully packed things were.) I prefer to deliver pieces myself. I love a good excuse to get out of Cincinnati, & it's always cool to meet the people who own my paintings. If you want nothing to do with me, that's fair, I'll drop it off and scoot! haha ... Tell me where you are and I'll give you an estimate of how much it's going to cost (frankly probably less than fine art shipping). If you live way across the country or in a place somehow more boring than Cincinnati, it'll be fine art shipping, and expect it to be costly.

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