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But you can call me Wosebagger. I recently finished a PhD in Classics (Greek and Latin) in Cincinnati, where I remain--though as The Band say, "When I get offa this mountain, you know where I want to go: straight down the Mississippi river to the Gulf of Mexico." I also paint birds, mostly upland game birds. These and some photos of the paintings in progress are also posted on Instagram.

I work mainly in gouache.

I don't take commissions now, but I may in the future. I'm always open to hearing your ideas!

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I enjoy the textures and shapes of birds, and I'm often inspired by medieval manuscript illumination. Without E. "S." Griffith, for whom many of these were painted, I would never have have known much about, let alone grown fond of, woodcock and grouse.

Though they probably have a narrower audience than the bird "portraits," the illuminations are what I enjoy most. It's too satisfying to put something delightful and decorative into the world that didn't exist before and couldn't have existed without strange chains of decision only I could make.

Thanks for stopping by!

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